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The Beautiful and the Damned - Jessica Verday Short and Sweet:First of all, I have not read The Hollow trilogy, so my review might not be as gushy as it would have been if I saw the connections between The Beautiful and the Damned and this beloved series as this is a companion novel. However, I did enjoy this story quite a bit. Cyn was an extremely intriguing character, as was Avian and the story itself was well developed and entertaining. To Elaborate....Cyn isn't sure what's going on, but lately her blackouts and episodes have been increasing in frequency. When she looks in the mirror she sees another person's face overlaying her own and she's never quite sure where she's been or what she's been up to... only that it is likely to be horrifying as her hands are often covered in blood.Avian, however, knows exactly what is going on with Cyn the moment he lays eyes on her. She's an Echo, partially possessed by souls of the deceased: currently by a man who frequently takes control of her body to wreak havoc. This soul wants out of Cyn and there is only one way to reach that goal.... ending her life.Meanwhile, Cyn is also being hunted/stalked by another man desperately seeking revenge for something Cyn may or may not have done while possessed. Something nightmarish and heartbreaking that Cyn is tortured by daily.Avian swore to himself he was done with Echos, but sees something in Cyn that he didn't expect and he initially struggles with the decision to help her. Both Cyn and Avian resist their attraction to each other and pull away from their connection. However, when it becomes clear that Cyn is in way over her head they plan one last desparate attempt to free her from the monster inside. The Beautiful and the Damned is a quick entertaining read. There is this great tension between Cyn and Avian and plenty of suspense and surprises to keep this story exciting right up until the very end!3.5 stars!(Originally posted at iheartyafiction.blogspot.com)