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The Coldest Girl in Coldtown - Holly Black Short and Sweet:The Coldest Girl in Coldtown starts off with a horribly creepy bang and it doesn't stop the whole way through. If you've been 'vampired out,' this is the book that will get you through it. One of the most amazing books I've read in 2013!!!To Elaborate....Holly Black wastes no time throwing us headfirst into a world where waking up a hot mess in someone's bathtub after a party is the least of your worries. In fact, waking up at all might be the best (or worst) thing that can happen to you. Tana may initially be embarrassed about her lack of memory and state of disarray upon waking after a party, but will very quickly realize that these details are minor compared to the horrifying circumstances she'll soon encounter. While pouring herself a cup of coffee, Tana catches a glimpse of a pale, stiff hand that is all together too still, and tinged with blue. Heart pounding, she steps into the next room and sees nothing but blood and the bodies of all of her friends chaotically thrown and piled up every where she looks. In a state of shock, Tana tries not to panic and to decide who to call, when it occurs to her that the vampires who massacred her friends are most likely still inside and that her car keys and phone are deeper within the house. Tana very quietly goes to the guest room to get her stuff, but instead finds her ex-boyfriend tied up to a bed with a chained, red-eyed vampire watching her from the shadowy corner of the room. She quickly discovers that Aidan (her ex) is already infected and 'Cold.' The vampire in the room, Gavriel, unexpectedly warns her that there are more vampires outside of the bedroom door held off only by the streams of dying sunlight. Unwilling to leave Aidan or Gavriel (her unlikely savior) to them, Tana rescues them all. Barely, and most likely infected herself. Tana has only two options: risk becoming Cold and hungry while around people, or drive herself, Aidan and Gavriel to a Coldtown, a walled in city of vampires, humans, and the quarantined infected; televised and glamorized to human beings. When she ultimately arrives, Coldtown is more dangerous than even she had guessed, but Tana isn't going to sit around waiting to die or worse: become a Vampire.... she steadies her nerves and kicks some ass.Absolutely stunning, this is the sort of book that leaves you in a jumbled up pile of emotions, ruined for whatever book you pick up next!(Originally published @ iheartyafiction.blogspot.com)