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Through the Zombie Glass - Gena Showalter Short and Sweet:I SO enjoyed Through the Zombie Glass! It was creepy, dark and wonderfully suspenseful. This book builds upon it's first in the most entertaining & twisty ways. Fans of Alice in Zombieland will be equally delighted and horrified by this sequel!To Elaborate....Alice has been through quite a bit as of late, but nothing quite compares to the dark, compulsive whispers in her mind and the terrifying images of herself she sees in the mirror. What is she becoming? Has she lost her mind? Alice isn't sure who to turn to, or what exactly is happening, but she does know that she has become a danger to those she loves. Nothing quite like the urge to have a taste of your friends to level-10 freak you out!Ali and Cole also experience some conflict after she has a 'mind make out' moment with a new character.... a particularly unlikable character at that. Ali herself remains convinced throughout the story that the visions are false and communicates this often to Cole, but he struggles quite a bit more with this development. I have to admit that I liked Cole a little less through most of this book. In the end, some light is shed on his less than admirable decisions, but I still wanted to punch him in his stupid-dumb-jerk face more than occasionally. So thanks, Gena for all the feels. *sigh*Lastly, the zombies are way more intense and freaky this time around. Something is happening/changing with them that no one quite understands initially. Plus there is an enemy/betrayer in the midst of the slayers that is seriously compromising the safety of the group. AND Ali is also even more kick-ass and enjoyable to read. This is one girl who isn't curled up in a fetal position balling her eyes out over a guy, even while her heart is freaking breaking. I can wholeheartedly recommend picking up Through the Zombie Glass this September! I hope you guys love it too! Originally posted @ iheartyafiction.blogspot.com