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Never Fade - Alexandra Bracken Short and Sweet: Oh my goodness was this an amazing sequel! I think it was even better than The Darkest Minds (which was crazy, awesome)!!! The only downside is how long I'll be waiting for the 3rd book!To Elaborate....Never Fade begins with a picture of Ruby's new life working for the Children's League. She is now part of a team that goes out on dangerous missions to retrieve information, agents, and even detain a few enemies now and then. Ruby uses her gift to extract information for Alban, the Children's League leader, although she doesn't always feel comfortable doing so. However, the 'agent' she retrieves on one particular mission blows her mind and leaves her more confused about her decision to work for the Children's League than ever before.We are also introduced to several new characters including my personal favorite, Vida, who is a snarky, foul mouthed, sarcastic goddess of wit. I adored her. We also meet Jude who is a sweet, easy to like kid who I felt immediately invested in. Even Cate, who returns from The Darkest Minds, will win the reader over with more emotional and intellectual depth than we see from her in the first installment of this amazing series. As the story progresses Ruby runs into some familiar faces and must make some extremely tough decisions. Should she remain with those from her past and live a life on the run? Or risk losing everyone she loves in order to do the right thing? Ruby has to determine what exactly the 'right thing' is as she questions the motives and truthfulness of those around her. She also has to decide once and for all how she feels about herself and her growing capabilities.Alexandra Bracken is an amazing, intelligent, clever and incredibly witty story teller and I look forward to reading whatever this woman writes next! A definite must-read series for 2013!Giveaway on my blog for this title through July! (Originally posted @ iheartyafiction.blogspot.com)