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Human Sexuality in a World of Diversity (case)
Spencer A. Rathus, Lois Fichner-Rathus, Jeffrey S. Nevid Ph.D.
Icons  - Margaret Stohl Short and Sweet:I really disliked this book. I was confused and/or bored 90% of the time. I hate to give such a poor review, but I'd also hate for anyone else to waste time and energy on this book.To Elaborate....I wanted to love this one. I really did. When it showed up in my mailbox I literally jumped up and down. I was that excited.*sigh*However, Icons is a book filled with disjointed and incomplete information. I still really don't understand more than the basics: The 'alien-ish' things came, they killed a lot of people, and there is something 'amazing' (although hardly ever utilized) about each of the four teenagers the story centers on, but as much as Icons hints at a deeper, more intriguing plot throughout the story, it never quite gets very interesting. Here is a link to someone who disagrees with me though: Birth of a New Witch reviews Icons(Note* The above review has been edited to exclude some of it's original content. While I did not enjoy Icons, I felt that I let my negative emotions get the best of me and have decided to leave the last few comments I made out of the review.)