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Intuition - C. J. Omololu Short and Sweet:*sigh* Intuition was insane.... in a good way. There was so much going on in this book. SO many twists and turns. It was non-stop! I liked Transcendence a LOT, but I adored Intuition. :)To Elaborate....Intuition jumped off running from where Transcendence left off. In fact one of the major plot points is something I can't talk about without spoiling Transcendence! SO, SPOILER ALERT FOR THOSE WHO HAVE NOT READ TRANSCENDENCE. Okay, still with me? Drew. This guy made me feel so confused. It was crazy making. One minute I liked him, the next I didn't. I think in this respect C.J. Omololu is a complete freaking genius. Well done, madam. I felt ALL the feels.Also, this is how I pictured Drew because he reminded me of Logan from Gilmore Girls. I didn't hate it. ;) However, I was also super annoyed at Griffon who is being stupidly 'heroic' in the most obnoxiously misguided way. BUT, this makes sense later in the story. Cole herself is just having a bad couple of weeks here. It's kind of an everything that can go wrong does period of time for her. But I loved where she arrived emotionally in the end. I respect when a girl comes out of a love triangle with her priorities straight and Cole definitely does.Lastly, what a creeptastic ending! As I was reading this 'thing that I cannot speak of' I realized my whole body hurt from being tense. I was freaked. What an agonizingly interesting jumping off point for the next book!!!!! Can't wait! :)(Originally published @iheartyafiction.blogspot.com)