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Taken - Erin Bowman Short and Sweet:Taken was creepy and strange and all around near perfect in tone and plot. A blend of the 'small town with secrets' aspect of The Forest of Hands and Teeth, with a dystopian aspect that reminded me of SO many great books all at once, but that was the only real problem for me in an otherwise great book.... I've read this story before. :(To Elaborate....This story is told from the point of view of Gray, a 17 year old boy in the small town of Claysoot awaiting the inevitable disappearance of his brother, Blaine, the night of the Heist: an event that steals 18 y/o boys on the eve of their birthdays. (You get all of this from the blurb above.) However, Blaine's disappearance leaves Gray full of questions and frustration. Emma, Gray's love interest, is a tough, cool girl who helps Gray find out just enough to inspire him to hop 'the Wall,' an act every person before him has died from. Emma ends up following Gray over the wall, and from here on out Taken is a pretty fast paced and interesting read, but also a tad predictable if you read dystopian books a lot. I think to say anything else would spoil what is really good about this book: it reveals many new and compelling plot points at a great pace. Bottom line: I think if this is your first dystopian, or your first well written one, you will probably adore it. However, for those who have read Forest of Hands and Teeth, Divergent, Hunger Games, etc and are suffering from dystopian fatigue.... it may pale just a bit in comparison. My interest in Bowman's world just wasn't as peaked as I had hoped. :/ Hopefully in this case a little breather in this sub-genre will have me ready to love the next book. :)(Originally published @ http://iheartyafiction.blogspot.com)