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Human Sexuality in a World of Diversity (case)
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Transcendence - C.J. Omololu Short and Sweet:Transcendence started a little slow for me, but I ended up really loving Griffon and Cole. I also loved the unique take on past lives and the fact that the author didn't try to answer all of the accompanying spiritual questions. :) I loved the resulting mysteriousness and look forward to the next book!To Elaborate....Cole has been having vivid visions of moments that happened long ago. She had hoped that they would just go away, but after an intense trip to London where her visions coincided with her actual location she begins to feel like she might just be crazy. Enter Griffon, a boy who seems to have all of the answers and lets her know that she's actually an Akhet (a rare person who remembers her previous lives/memories). At first she'd almost rather believe she's crazy, but as her visions intensify she realizes she needs answers.Just when Cole relaxes a bit into an exciting relationship with Griffon, mysterious accidents start happening around another Akhet in her life, Veronique. Griffon feels there must be some connection between her and Veronique in a previous life and fears that if Cole isn't careful she'll end up the victim of revenge at the hands of this rogue Akhet. But Cole goes a little rogue herself trying to figure out their past life connection on her own.Meanwhile.... Griffon isn't telling Cole everything and what she discovers shatters everything she thought she knew and the delicate trust between them.Transcendence was a joy to read. I can't wait to read Intuition! (Originally posted @iheartyafiction.blogspot.com)