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Altered - Jennifer Rush Short and Sweet: Altered was amazing right from the beginning. The dynamic between the 'altered boys' and between the guys and Anna is super interesting and readable. I devoured this book in hours and now have to wait for 2014 to read the next book!!! Argh!To Elaborate....Anna has got herself a little crush on one of the boys, Sam, in her Dad's lab. In fact, she sneaks downstairs nearly every night just to spend a few moments with him, even though he has no idea how she feels. The boys in the basement are a huge mystery. They don't remember who they are and they have been altered to be above average in intelligence and strength. During the day they are pretty much Anna's life. She helps out in the lab and wonders about who the boys used to be and what their purpose will be when they are 'ready to leave' the experiment.Very quickly in the story the Branch, the organization in charge of 'altering,' decides to remove them from study. But neither Anna nor the Branch anticipate what Sam is truly capable of. After Sam kills a room full of agents who have come to abduct them, Anna's father sends her with the boys and tells her that it is no longer safe to contact him. He gives them an address where they can be safe, but when they arrive Anna discovers something that leaves her with questions about her own identity and past.While on the run Anna discovers that the life she has been living is full of holes and mysteries that she had never thought to question. What is her connection to the altered boys? Why did her dad send her with them? And just who can she trust when her whole world has been thrown into chaos?I LOVED this book! I want Erased now!!!! :) (Originally posted @ iheartyafiction.blogspot.com)