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Venom - Fiona Paul Short and Sweet: Venom is definitely one of those books I thought I would like much better than I did. It wasn't a bad story, just not a very compelling one at times. I didn't feel drawn into the story until I was halfway into it. Although, it was beautifully written, it just didn't blow me away.To Elaborate....Let's start with the good: Venom is a gorgeous story to live in for awhile. The descriptive language transports you to Venice. I could imagine everything vividly. This aspect of the story is truely breathtaking and unique. However, I connected more with secondary characters than I did Cass or Falco. From the beginning of the story we know that Cass is engaged to Luca, but that she is not overly happy about it. While she admits that it isn't a bad match, she simply doesn't know him very well and therefore isn't very interested in him. Okay.... but she also doesn't try to get to know him, which I found disappointing, as I was interested in him as a character. Also, Falco, her forbidden love interest, is clearly meant to be interesting and mysterious, but I never found myself truly rooting for him. In fact, I wished that the relationship would encounter problems and that she would have a renewed interest in Luca.Lastly, most of the action (which is actually very interesting and intriguing) happens in the very end of a fairly lengthy book. This is not necessarily a negative for me, but as a result, it did require a degree of determination to get to the end. Overall, a good read, but I'm more interested in the sequel than I was the first 200+ pages of Venom itself. I would only recommend this one to those with a bit of patience who don't mind a slow burn kind of story. (Originally published @ iheartyafiction.blogspot.com)