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Human Sexuality in a World of Diversity (case)
Spencer A. Rathus, Lois Fichner-Rathus, Jeffrey S. Nevid Ph.D.
The Uprising - Lisa M. Stasse Short and Sweet: This one has a LOT happening at all times. 'Organized chaos' is the best way to describe it. At first I felt a little overwhelmed by this, but after awhile I thought it was exactly the right tone for the world presented in The Uprising. This was a great sequel leading up to what looks to be an even better 3rd book in this series.To Elaborate....The Uprising picks up right where The Forsaken left off. Alenna and Liam have had a small amount of peace and relative safety since being rescued from the wheel. However, that quickly comes to a violent end and from here on out the story is non-stop running from the corrupt and murderous government that wants to control or destroy them. Throughout the story, the UNA's attempts to end the rebellion (and the people who occupy it) seemed endless. There is hardly a moment of catching your breath before the characters are once again under attack. It literally created the emotional equivalent to going for a 30 minute run, having a 2 minute rest, running another 45 minutes for a 1 minute rest, etc. As a reader, this is good and bad in my opinion. On the one hand you are reading something that is truly emotion invoking. This is a emotionally depressive world. You feel the oppression and desperateness of the characters. On the other hand there are very few 'come-down' moments to prepare you for the next big revelation or discovery. Honestly, sometimes I enjoyed this aspect and other times I didn't.Also, although Alenna's constant awareness of never being safe and readiness for what might come next really translates into a good book tension, as a character she was pretty one note at times. Examples: 'I don't want to be away from Liam.' 'I hope David is okay/I hope David is trustworthy.' 'Where is my mom?' Okay, so that's 3 notes, but it was a little repetitive for my taste. Especially when there are so many other great aspects to her character that were visible, but not played up: She's brave, caring, empathetic, forgiving, socially aware, fights for what she believes in, etc. It's just usually when she has a voice it's to express those 3 thoughts. Overall, I enjoyed The Uprising. I like it as a whole. (I thought the ending was fantastic!) I think it was missing a little something that I enjoyed in The Forsaken, but still a solid read. I can't wait to see what happens next!(Originally posted @iheartyafiction.blogspot.com)