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In the After - Demitria Lunetta Short and Sweet:In the After had my heart pounding from the first page. This story is a fresh take on the monsters that occupy a fallen world. Ms. Lunetta does a fine job of world building. I always dislike when a book overdoes 'explaining' instead of 'showing' what is happening: not a problem here. :) In the After has an amazing and terrifying atmosphere that unfolds at just the right pace.To Elaborate....Amy was 14 when the world was taken over by horrific, man-eating creatures. Neither of her parents were home when 'it' happened and she has been incredibly lucky to survive at all. In order to do so she has adapted to truly horrific circumstances.Unlike most apocalyptic stories of it's kind, In the After presents a world that is not safe during the day. If you want to remain alive you must venture out into the darkness (where you aren't much safer than during the daylight) and scavenge what is left behind. But if you make a noise you are dead. Once you are spotted there is no escaping.What In the After does best is create suspense. I was tense for the majority the story. The only real downside for me was the middle. There is a 'switching back and forth in time' aspect that was interesting, but unlike the first (and in my opinion better) part of the story a bit slow. However, it picks back up and leaves off on a very interesting note that makes the next book in this series a must read for me! :) If you're burned out on dystopian reads, I suggest giving this one a try! I really enjoyed it. :) (Originally published @ iheartyafiction.blogspot.com)