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The Eternity Cure - Julie Kagawa Short and Sweet:The Eternity Cure is a great sequel. Fast paced, full of action and many new twists and turns. It maintains the same unique creepy vibe of The Immortal Rules and the characters are strong, colorful and easily imagined. A literally heart-pounding read. To Elaborate....One of the things Julie Kagawa does so very well is pull you right into her world. As Allison is walking through this ruined world, you feel as if you are too. Her descriptive language is almost perfect. I can see everything she describes. She's that good. We enter the story as Allison is tracking down Kanin to rescue him from the horror he is enduring under Sarren's torture. Luckily, as a sort of 'vampire relative,' Kanin's blood 'calls' to hers making it slightly easier to find him. Suddenly she feels two pulls: one from the North, one from the East. She decides to follow the strongest one and finds Jackal (another of Kanin's creations/her brother), the Chicago vampire she last saw flying out the window to his presumed death, waiting for her with a proposition. Jackal wants her to help him find an underground government lab that may or may not contain a cure. The same lab where the outbreak occurred. The same cure that Sarren is after himself. And... tiny detail... surrounded by a nest of thousands of rabids. *gag*The pair do decide to work together and the resulting dialog between them is one of my favorite aspects of the story.Their adventure together is exciting, terrifying, upsetting, infuriating. This story will make you feel something. Allison and Jackal eventually wind up back in New Convington where Sarren has just released some fresh hell that he created in the lab with the Red Lung virus. Humans are now wandering around the city aimlessly, tearing off their own faces while hysterically laughing (CREEPY!) and even attacking vampires in their madness. Incredibly, Kagawa's world gets even more horrifying in this installment.However, I also felt a teensy bit frustrated with this book and here's why:1) The Eternity Cure teeters on the edge of being too much. Too many super villains. Too many murderous creatures: Cannibals, Rabids, and Bleeders.... (Oh my!). It felt a little Wizard of Oz as Allison went along gathering a crowd. It's a good thing I like The Wizard of Oz. ;)2) The author weaves so many incredibly strong, intense characters that Zeke (Allison's love interest) gets a little washed out in comparison. (Am I the only one totally bummed by the 'sire' and 'brother' aspects of Kanin and Jackal?)Even with these very minor 'dislikes' The Eternity Cure was amazing. I loved the cliffhanger. I can't wait to read the next installment. Julie Kagawa, you are magic. ;)(Originally posted @iheartyafiction.blogspot.com)