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The Immortal Rules - Julie Kagawa Short and Sweet:I picked The Immortal Rules up after I got a review copy of it's sequel The Eternity Cure for review from Kazoo Books. I am SO glad I did. Although slow to start out, once it picks up the pace it doesn't stop. A really great read, set in a frightening vampire apocalypse. I can't wait to dive into The Eternity Cure next. :)To Elaborate....Allison lives in the vampire city of New Covington. In NC, if you want to eat you need to be registered, give blood regularly, and you are owned by the Prince. Allison hates vampires. She hates their rules and avoids living by them by existing as an 'unregistered' human with 3 other guys. However, being an unregistered means living on the outskirts of town barely scraping by. To survive, Allison scavenges for food and other resources in the ruins outside the city.... but only during the day. At night the 'rabids' (Or as I like to think of them: Gollum Vampires) come out, and if you aren't inside the city walls.... well, you too can be a horrifying creature of the night. (sad face) (We hates rabids. We hates them.)However, after a rare discovery of an underground cellar of food, Allison takes her crew over the wall and into the ruins to retrieve it. Where they inevitably get caught after dark by a horde of rabids. *full body shudder*Afterwords, a vampire named Kanin, happens to find Allison broken and dying and offers her the choice to live on as the thing she hates most. Her choice changes everything and she embarks on an exciting and often terrifying journey into an unknown, broken world.The Immortal Rules never gets stale. Not for one moment. Allison is strong, capable, and easy to relate to. I think Julie Kagawa did a really nice job of developing her character over the course of the story in a way that felt realistic and true to the journey she was on. I really loved this one! Seriously, if there is a rushed tone to this review it's because The Eternity Cure is right next to me..... on my nightstand... looking all tempting.....*uhem*:) Hope you are reading something good!!! (Originally posted @ iheartyafiction.blogspot.com)