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Dark Triumph - Robin LaFevers Short and Sweet:I'm not sure that I can say Dark Triumph was 'better' than Grave Mercy, but I can say that I can not decided which book I loved best. They are equally amazing! This sequel is absolutely breathtaking. I could not put it down. I wanted to experience this book forever!To Elaborate....(If you have not read Grave Mercy beware of SPOILERS!!!)Sybella was such an interesting character in Grave Mercy that I was immediately excited that her story would be the focus of Dark Triumph. The book starts off at the mysterious scene in the first book where Sybella is warning Ismae of her father's deceit during the meeting between the Duchess Anne and one of her formerly loyal guardians/advisers. We see how much this action could have cost Sybella had she been caught, for she is the daughter of D'Albret himself. However, the treacherous D'Albret does not know that Sybella is not loyal to him and was, in fact, placed back into his household (after years of secret training) as a spy and assassin.Sybella exists in this place full of horror and deceit. Her father is psychotic, her brother disturbed. To survive she becomes whatever she needs to be to all sorts of monstrous characters. It is no wonder she begins to wonder if Mortain exists at all. It is honestly an awful existence and I found myself rooting for Sybella to have another path. When she is at last given an assignment from the convent (to free a prisoner from the dungeon) the story gets verrrry interesting. ;)This in one of the best series I have read in such a long time. I'm so glad there is a third book, Mortal Heart, and that it will be from Annith's point of view! Yay! If you have not read Grave Mercy, do so immediately and pick up Dark Triumph while you're at it because you are going to want to devour them both. (I'm serious.)If you have read them both: which one was your favorite? I really can't choose! :)(Originally published @ http://iheartyafiction.blogspot.com/)