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Human Sexuality in a World of Diversity (case)
Spencer A. Rathus, Lois Fichner-Rathus, Jeffrey S. Nevid Ph.D.
Slated - Teri Terry Short and Sweet:Slated didn't grab me right away, but once it did it was unputdownable. I really liked the world and I think the next book will be even better. To Elaborate....This book is another one that I find hard to review without giving away any spoilers, but I will do my best! Kyla has been slated (memory/personality removal) and is now heavily monitored in her new life. She has to think, talk and even emote (thanks to an emotion regulating/sensing bracelet) in a certain way or face unknown consequences. But Kayla isn't like the others who have been slated. For one, she asks too many questions and remembers fragments of who she was. Kyla is curious to a fault. Throughout the book there is a tension that is held as who she can trust shifts. You are never really sure what is going to happen next, and Slated is full of UNpredictable mysteries and revelations (YAY!). I hope we get more answers to many of these compelling questions in the sequel! 4 out of 5 stars simply because it took literally 150 pages for me to love this book. (Originally published @ http://iheartyafiction.blogspot.com/)