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The Prey - Andrew Fukuda I love this series, and can't wait for the next book.... However, The Prey was not quite as good as The Hunt. It left me with more questions than answers and I found myself just a little disappointed. I would still recommend it, and I'm hoping the next installment will be better. To Elaborate.... I LOVE the first book, The Hunt. Love. It's on my shelf in a place of honor. Such a fantastic book. You should absolutely read it. So, it is possible that maybe my expectations were a little high.The Hunt left us with Gene, Sissy, and the boys on the mysterious boat after a nearly failed escape. The Prey does a great job of picking right up where it left off. The eerie description of them floating down this river, no idea where it will lead them, dreading nightfall when the vampires will return night after night to hiss and howl from the river bank desperate to have them causes a delicious book reading anxiety. I couldn't put it down. I was just a little underwhelmed with where the river did lead. The Prey has plenty of twists and turns and they are good ones at that, but there was just a little something lacking from the previous book.That being said, I do think that The Prey has set the story up for a mind blowing 3rd installment. I will read The Trap (due this November) as soon as I can get my hands on it. (Originally published @ http://iheartyafiction.blogspot.com/)