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Scarlet - Marissa Meyer Just excellent storytelling!!! Unputdownable. I welcomed the addition of Scarlet to Meyers world and can not freaking wait to read the next book. One of my favorites of 2013! To Elaborate.... (If you have not read Cinder, the first book in the Lunar Chronicles, there will be spoilers.)I adore the Lunar Chronicles. It kills my soul that Cress (Lunar Chronicles, #3) and Winter (Lunar Chronicles, #4) are so very far away. Anyways.... Scarlet is another book that picks up right where it left off. Cinder is imprisoned, Kai is conflicted, and Queen Levana is pissed (as usual). If Cinder remains in her cell and is brought to justice (brutally murdered by the moon queen) Queen Levana will not immediately (but probably very soon thereafter) attack Earth. After all, she's had her heart set on Empress of Commonwealth for a very, very long time. So Cinder, of course, escapes with a little help from Dr. Erland and her co-fugitive 'Captain' Thorne. Prince Kai is the least informed person in this book. While Kai knows that Queen Levana wants to murder him if he marries her and/or declare war if he does not, he is unaware that Cinder is not only a Cyborg, Lunar and fugitive, she is also the long lost Princess Selina (thus why Levana is laser focused on killing her: true heir to the Lunar throne) and possible answer to his dilemma. *gasp*Scarlet, this installment's namesake, is Ms. Meyer's adaption of Red Riding Hood and is not an intrusive story line at all. I was immediately drawn into her story as well. ;) Scarlet's story ties into Cinder's in many sneaky, clever ways. :) The perspective switches back and forth, but it is done seamlessly and I was always excited to return to each viewpoint. Marissa Meyer has done an excellent job creating a complex, exciting world that is a pleasure to be a part of and so very, very sad to leave. :) (Originally published @ http://iheartyafiction.blogspot.com/)